Making America whole again via civics education

Using online games and other ed-tech tools to bridge the partisan divide

If universities did more to help poor students, maybe 40 percent wouldn’t drop out before college even begins

Universities should commit to supporting their poorer students even when states do not

Lesson Plan for Letter-Writing Campaign Protesting TOPS Cuts

NOTE: While this lesson plan was written to address funding cuts in Louisiana’s college scholarship program, it may be adapted to efforts to ensure access to postsecondary institutions outside the…

Poor whites just realized they need education equity as much as black folk

But they must be able to say the word “equity” to get it

Put more gender studies in schools’ sex ed courses

We can’t teach safe sex if kids don’t understand their own and others’ gender identities

Dear Mr. Governor: How you can help poor kids in Louisiana go to college

The TOPS merit-based scholarship program is in jeopardy, but it doesn’t have to be

Cal students at UC Berkeley on Friday, April 10, 2015.

Stop condemning high schools for college graduation rates

It’s time colleges took some responsibility for students who leave early


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In the America-first budget, schools come last

Trump’s education budget defunds public schools and universities, herds students toward private and charter schools

Isn’t desegregation a measure of educational quality?

Real reform begins early and accounts for racial and economic diversity