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iZone mentor Diedre Downing, a math teacher at NYC iSchool in Manhattan, walks Blended Learning Institute participant Juliana Matherson through Google' Autocrat application on July 18, 2014 in Manhattan. Autocrat lets teachers give custom feedback to students after an online assignment. The New York City Department of Education's Blended Learning Institute is a two-year training program taught by current classroom teachers on how to use the part digital, part traditional classroom style. (Photo: Alexandria Neason)

Does every teacher need a coach?

A new analysis of 60 studies on teacher coaching finds that benefits dissipate as coaching programs attempt to reach more teachers

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Personalized learning software reveals that human intuition is often wrong about what mind wandering looks like

These colleges turn low-income students into middle-class earners — but how?

A small, somewhat pricey 50-year-old program in New York City is a prime example of an engine of social mobility, economists find

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A comprehensive federal study sheds new light on how merit pay works — and doesn't work

Fewer teenage mothers, but they still present a dropout puzzle

Only half complete high school, report finds


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