Does a lack of executive function explain why some kids fall way behind in school?

New research sees multi-year academic difficulties from executive function problems in kindergarten

For-profit colleges lose when two-year colleges offer B.A. degrees

Traditional four-year schools see boost in degrees when community colleges compete

A student in the Mississippi Delta raises his hand during class. More than 40 school districts in the state, including many in the Delta, lack qualified teachers.

National test scores reveal a decade of educational stagnation

Signs of growing achievement gaps, but strong gains for Florida

Roseanne Barr arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of

The empress’s new clothes

The “Roseanne” reboot claims to be populist, but in the vein of Donald Trump

A prisoner's hands inside a punishment cell wing at Angola prison in Louisiana.

A case for educational reparations for the incarcerated

The upper middle class had its turn; now they must pay the privilege forward

Are science fairs unfair?

Long an educational rite of passage, the events are being revamped to make them more effective — and equitable — learning opportunities

Who benefits from research on racial disparities?

The other side of the coin of inequality that we need to confront


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How much would it cost to get all students up to average?

Most low-income schools don't receive enough money to help kids hit average math and reading scores, a new study shows

Teachers hold a rally outside the Senate Chambers in the West Virginia Capitol Monday, March. 5, 2018 in Charleston, W.V. Hundreds of teachers from 55 counties are on strike for pay raises and better health benefits.

Schools should be the center of a new labor and social movement

Teachers and other workers have compromised long enough

Most immigrants outpace Americans when it comes to education — with one big exception

A new study shows that most newcomers to this country and their descendants earn degrees beyond high school but some Hispanics still lag behind