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Q&A with Leah Merrifield: A leading voice for socioeconomic diversity at Wash U.

One university’s innovative program to prepare talented but under-resourced kids for getting into and through selective colleges

US falls behind other nations in the global knowledge economy, says 46-country report

Fewer Americans are going to preschool and college compared to other nations

Number of Americans with college degrees growing more slowly than advocates want

Slow rate of growth threatens to leave a gap of 20 million degree-holders by 2025

Student protests reveal thirst for a dialogue on democratic process

Let’s stop treating U.S. civics education as a fringe discipline

Critics blast federal agency for shoddy oversight of college loans

Government investigators, college financial aid officers and others testify that FSA needs to do a better job

Yes, the teacher shortage is bad, but California voters don’t want fast-tracked teachers either

California teachers need more student teaching experience prior to teaching, poll says

Add professors to the list of people attacking black and brown collegians

Why faculty guarding of free speech is really an assault on student voice


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Despite efforts to increase them, university graduation rates fall

More than 150,000 of students who started college in 2009 never finished

Joseph Leogrande, who is on the autism spectrum, learns to make a podcast with the education nonprofit Tech Kids Unlimited (TKU).

More people with autism are getting training for technology jobs

Some worry the push forecloses other job prospects

Sanders’ free college plan would take from the rich to give to the rich

But supporters say the key is that more poor kids would go to college