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College completion failures must be tackled in tandem with costs, report says

The Education Trust scolds federal, state governments for separating two related issues

Why more black students are enrolling in historically black colleges

In the era of Black Lives Matter, some students feel safer on majority-black campuses

U.S. quietly works to expand apprenticeships to fill white-collar jobs

With other countries’ systems as a model, apprenticeships have started to expand

The business decision segregating college students by income and race

In a bid for revenue, campuses build pricey new dorms many can’t afford

What if #FreeCollege actually hurts the very students it is supposed to help?

Trump and Clinton are likely to look at this question. So does a new study

Under pressure, groups that assess colleges promise to take a closer look at graduation rates

Accreditation organizations will also examine loan default rates


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Eligible but got nothing: Hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities blocked from college aid

When offices set up to assist people with disabilities become obstacles

The mindboggling barriers that colleges create — and that end up hurting their own students

Despite push for more graduates, problems such as library fines block completion