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While K-12 teachers are put under the microscope, colleges play by their own rules

All around the country, from sea to shining sea, public schools are ablaze with reform. More states are experimenting with charter schools and state-led turnaround districts than ever before. Longer…

The real reason that colleges go ‘test-optional’

When George Washington University announced last month that it was adopting a “test-optional” admissions policy, it repeated a standard line made by colleges that allow prospective students to opt…

A 10,000 square foot server room highlighted in blue LED lighting.

Colleges shift to using ‘big data’ — including from social media — in admissions decisions

Like other industries, schools turn to data to predict how applicants will fare

Students in the Jewish Homes’s geriatric career development program take summer classes taught by registered nurses at Hostos Community College.

Employers step in to help low-income students get through college

Short of workers, some give them what they need to pay for school: jobs

Low-income students struggle to pay for college, even in rare states that offer help

Three-quarters still have to take out loans, more than other income groups


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Cal students in the Doe Library at UC Berkeley.

Billions in Pell dollars go to students who never graduate

And exactly what taxpayers are (or are not) getting for their investment is extremely hard to find

Why are fewer foreign students heading to the U.S. and more to Australia?

The U.S. has arguably led the world in higher education for much of the century. But while there is much to be proud of, there are also some trends…