Higher Ed

Universities cut services for a big group of their students: those over 25

Though more adults need higher educations, their enrollment has begun to fall

Report: “Education is key” to quelling Middle East discord

Strategic plan near start of Trump term warns that America’s interests are at stake

A high school library in a school district in Mentor, Ohio, was redesigned to fit the school’s vision for blended learning.

Will education unite or divide us?

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Canadian schools succeed in nudging one minority group to and through college

Despite continued challenges, similar approaches could help nonwhites in the U.S.

At the University of Georgia, black students navigate in a white world

As the flagship campus seeks diversity, it also seeks to be more welcoming

At Georgia State, more black students graduate each year than at any U.S. college

Support services, counseling help boost academic performances for all

Trump names school-choice advocate DeVos to his cabinet, ushering in a new era in education

Michigan philanthropist favors vouchers, opposes Common Core


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A huge and stubborn reason, still unsolved, that students go into so much debt

New response to problem of credits that won’t transfer: shifting the job to students

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Hampshire’s leader on white male founding fathers’ faux equality and what his godmother Eleanor Roosevelt would say about Clinton and Trump