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Music students at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. The music program is being pitted against other departments in the competition for funds.

Chemistry vs. business? Music vs. engineering? Academics forced to prove their worth

Limited money means states are choosing among university subjects with the most demand

Free college for all: Why I’m skeptical

Some questions about timing, teaching and funding

What it takes to get into New York City’s best public colleges

An increasing emphasis on SAT scores is making it harder for black and Latino students to go to CUNY's top five schools

Seeking political support, colleges prod students to vote

From the day they turned up for orientation at California Polytechnic State University, freshmen were bombarded by a music video set to the catchy tune of the hip-hop hit…

Colleges ratchet up recruiting of applicants — just to turn them down

When Tel Kelley began his college search, he knew he wanted to go to a big school with a top-notch sports medicine program and big-time intercollegiate teams. But as his…

President weighs in with plan for free community college

President Barack Obama surprised observers by proposing making community college free, as has been done in Tennessee and is under consideration in other states. The president dropped his unexpected idea…

Alan Alda meets with students at Cornell University. The actor and director, who once hosted a television science program, has become an advocate for helping academics communicate more clearly with the public. Photo: Lindsay France/Cornell University Photography

Needing public support, academics try to make their work more clear

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts—It may not be entirely surprising, in the rarefied confines of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, to hear a member of the faculty let terms like “randomized controls”…


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Patricia McGuire is the president of Trinity Washington University.

A university president defends Catholic colleges after Hechinger story on high costs

Do Catholic colleges and universities live up to the Gospel imperative for social justice? In the Fall 2012 semester, 77 percent of 191 Catholic colleges and universities enrolled freshman classes…

Rising tuition costs, low graduation rates and innovative community colleges: A look back at Hechinger’s top higher ed stories of 2014

President Obama vowed in 2009 that by 2020 America would have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. Now, nearly halfway to his deadline, very little has changed…

Catholic colleges tell poor students: Go somewhere else

At Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., officials sometimes bring in low-income applicants and their families for counseling — not to encourage them to come there, but to suggest…