Higher Ed

Who’s fighting for college for the forgotten majority?

A better job via a better degree matters to us, too, say adults

Long-neglected maintenance threatens to further escalate the cost of college

Yet universities continue to borrow and spend record amounts on new buildings

Democrats want to open more doors to college, but can their plan get more students to the finish line?

Making college more affordable is a focus of the Democratic Party’s platform for this year’s convention, which marks a significant shift from the past. But what may be missing is…

Clinton looks to move Democrats away from ‘Education Wars’

Can she unite the party’s opposing sides?

Cal students in the Doe Library at UC Berkeley.

Consumers get more information about a purchase they once made on trust: college

As the price keeps rising, pressure builds to reveal details of the return on this investment

Donald Trump, Thief in Chief?

An academic’s view of plagiarism’s causes and consequences

Trump plan would base student loans on employability

Proposal could increase the cost of liberal arts degrees


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The problem with having fewer men than women going to college

It could close the gender gap, but reduce the total number of people with degrees

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