Horgan Elementary School first-grader Evelina Lucas, right, helps her Chromebook buddy, kindergartener Emily Zhang, in a graphing exercise.

Personalized learning and Common Core: Mortal enemies?

First-grader Evelina Lucas, right, helps her Chromebook buddy, kindergartener Emily Zhang, in a graphing exercise. Photo: Gretchen Ertl Can students learn about what they like, at…

Educators worry schools are botching student discipline reform

This story appears courtesy of Education Week. Teachers in Fresno, California, and Des Moines, Iowa, have come out against their districts’ efforts to reform how students are disciplined. Teachers…

How Finland’s youngest learners obey the rules — by fooling around in school

Master teacher reveals secrets of the world’s best education system

Can children learn from a “mixed-reality” game?

Two Forest Grove Elementary School students show off their block structures for Nesra Yannier to photograph during an experiment. Photo: Jill Barshay PITTSBURGH — At Forest…

How can we raise future black women mathematicians? Start by asking them

The new movie Hidden Figures tells an inspiring behind-the scenes story of black women mathematicians Studying the successes of black women mathematicians opens a window into how…

A New Orleans charter network has spent the last year making up teaching for special-ed students shorted two years ago

An investigation found that ReNEW SciTech Academy had inflated how much extra attention it would provide to certain students, and then didn’t provide the extra help to those who really needed it. The Louisiana education department made the charter network find those students and provide help


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