Kristen Wells works with a small group of students in Terrol McElroy’s classroom at Emmalee Isable Elementary in Jackson while McElroy observes. (Photo: Jackie Mader)

Is repeating third grade — again and again — good for kids?

A state makes students repeat third grade, sometimes more than once, to help them learn to read

Lesson Plan for Letter-Writing Campaign Protesting TOPS Cuts

NOTE: While this lesson plan was written to address funding cuts in Louisiana’s college scholarship program, it may be adapted to efforts to ensure access to postsecondary institutions outside the…

OPINION: “I was awarded $2.00 for TOPS, a dollar a semester”

A student asks Louisiana Rep. Nancy Landry to restore funding for the state’s merit scholarship program

Poor whites just realized they need education equity as much as black folk

But they must be able to say the word “equity” to get it


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High school should be more like preschool

Why secondary education is borrowing ideas from early childhood

Put more gender studies in schools’ sex ed courses

We can’t teach safe sex if kids don’t understand their own and others’ gender identities

Why do suspension rates vary so much in Mississippi—and how can districts change that?

Report finds in many districts, more than 20 percent of students were suspended in one school year