Annie Gilbertson

Why Mississippi preschool may overlook kids in need

JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi is the only state in the South that does not fund preschool. That may change this spring if the legislature passes one of two bills to subsidize select programs. But Mississippi is likely to remain an outlier among southern states – as the legislation (HB781 and SB2395) won’t give limited preschool seats to needy […]

Lessons from pre-k that works: Will Mississippi’s children finally move ahead?

LAMBERT, Miss. — Four months into this school year, veteran teacher Cynthia Gordon made a pleasant discovery: Her first grade students were hungry for books. Nearly half of her students were ahead of the national curve, showing an advanced ability to sound out words. Gordon knew why. “I have kids that went to pre-k,” she […]

New skepticism of for-profit companies managing public schools

JACKSON, Miss. — When state officials here tried last year to recruit a for-profit company to manage schools in rural Tate County, the community outcry was swift. Concerned residents spoke out in the media, argued their case to lawmakers and circulated a petition against the “privatization” of Tate County Schools. Patricia Johnson, whose son attends […]