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While U.S. struggles, Sweden pushes older students back to college

Generous benefits, cultural differences solve a problem America hasn’t cracked

Counting DACA students

It is estimated that half of the people eligible for DACA are enrolled in high school or college

From the archives: Already languishing in red tape, refugee students now may be barred altogether from U.S.

Even without new restrictions, very few in this “lost generation” will ever get to study here

Refugee students languish in red tape as they seek to resume their educations

Many in this “lost generation” want to come to the US, but only a very few make it

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It’s not just a “Nordic thing”

Ranking countries by the worst students

More than a quarter of American 15-year-olds are low-performing in at least one subject

World poll finds education tied to employment, happiness

But some regions see dissatisfaction with educational opportunities

Schools exacerbate the growing achievement gap between rich and poor, a 33-country study finds

Rich kids get steered into more demanding math classes while poor kids get less challenging content

Why are fewer foreign students heading to the U.S. and more to Australia?

The U.S. has arguably led the world in higher education for much of the century. But while there is much to be proud of, there are also some trends…

The obstacles to going back to college

More about how Sweden encourages older adults to enroll, while U.S. raises barriers