Blended Learning

More classrooms have high-tech devices. More schools have speedy Internet connections. And more teachers are mixing technology into their lessons. Can blended learning improve academic outcomes? Will it help disadvantaged students? The Hechinger Report explores the way new technology is changing what we teach and learn. See all our Special Reports

Tech for tots and teachers: promoting STEM learning in preK-3 classrooms

Toy building blocks aren’t an unusual sight in a preschool classroom. But teachers aren’t typically using them in a physics lesson about force and gravity with their four-year-olds. That’s largely…

Students share human-centered designs at Emoti-Con technology showcase

Ideas — and beach balls — were flying as students at the New York Emoti-Con event kicked off the day with an exercise in low-tech problem solving: use…

State-of-the-art education software often doesn’t help students learn more, study finds

2 lessons from the most rigorous study to date of "adaptive-learning" courseware at colleges and universities

Virtual charter schools need “bold action” for change, says national charter school advocacy group

The major advocacy group for public charter schools is concerned that failing online charter schools may be hurting the credibility of the movement as a whole. In a report…

Can a wall-climbing robot teach your kid to code?

Last month, a few hand-sized, hexagonal robots took over a third-grade classroom in Southborough, Massachusetts. They climbed a whiteboard and drew all over it while flashing multicolored LEDs and chirping…

Customized math lessons could help students learn more, research says

A math program that offers computer-based, bespoke lessons for students could, with teacher support, help them learn more math, according to a study released last week. The report, from…


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How one educator broke rules, influenced a state law and got all his students to graduation

Roger Cook, superintendent, Taylor County School District, Kentucky Roger Cook, a superintendent in rural central Kentucky, took a risky path to becoming a champion for academic success.…

Organic adoption of one classroom technology leads to a seamless way to share other ideas

When Jessica Schon decided to start using a new method for managing classroom behaviors, no one in the district had told her to do it. Instead, Schon started using a…

Kids code their own 3D creations with new blocks-based design program

Adam Green, an instructor at Einstein’s Workshop, shows 3D printers to students learning BlocksCAD, a free 3D-design software developed at the Workshop. Photo: Chris Berdik On…