Blended Learning

More classrooms have high-tech devices. More schools have speedy Internet connections. And more teachers are mixing technology into their lessons. Can blended learning improve academic outcomes? Will it help disadvantaged students? The Hechinger Report explores the way new technology is changing what we teach and learn. See all our Special Reports

Using robots, two-way mirrors and more in blended learning

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Is the biggest learning disability an emotional one?

Neuropsychologist David Rose spent years helping kids with learning disabilities participate in school by creating digital textbooks with pop-up graphics, text-to-speech, flexible fonts and other customizable features to fit individual…

Prove it: How does blended learning look in a classroom?

There are plenty of snazzy online videos that feature people advocating for the use of technology in the nation’s schools. But it’s rare to find quality video of what blended…

Chicago school board member under investigation wins education industry award

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Chicago school board member embroiled in controversy over her investments in companies that do business with the district received a standing ovation and a “Friend of…

Should we train more students to be hackers?

Chaitu Dandu is a 16-year-old computer hacker. But he isn’t after your passwords, social security number or credit card information. Neither were the hundreds of other young hackers who converged…

What happens when you flip an education conference? We’re about to find out

You’ve heard of the flipped classroom. Now comes the flipped conference. And, appropriately, it is being planned for those who want to learn more about blended learning. About 300 educators…


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