Blended Learning

More classrooms have high-tech devices. More schools have speedy Internet connections. And more teachers are mixing technology into their lessons. Can blended learning improve academic outcomes? Will it help disadvantaged students? The Hechinger Report explores the way new technology is changing what we teach and learn. See all our Special Reports

A technology team from Facebook works to serve classroom teachers

At a California school, 20 Facebook employees built a software program that could eventually be used in any public school that wants it -- free

California’s Aspire charter network gets a blended-learning boost from Silicon Schools Fund

A California-based charter school network has been an early but careful pioneer in blended learning, and now its leaders say they are ready to take it to the next level.…

Want high schoolers to succeed? Stop giving them fifth-grade schedules

Nick Stoneman on how students can plan their own schedules

Strange bedfellows reach consensus on leading “a transformational vision for the future”

These days, as we watch Congress teeter on the edge of a government shutdown, it might seem like finding common ground in a national policy debate is a Sisyphean task.…

Classroom volunteer Aimee Menne helps teach one of the only computer science classes currently offered at San Francisco’s Mission High.

Should computer-assisted teaching expand its reach to more states?

  Photo: Andra Cernavskis The nation’s second-smallest state joins the growing list of those who expect technology to play a starring role…

Liberal arts colleges must jettison antiquated lectures to stay relevant

Technology, active learning help keep ‘screenagers’ from zoning out

can u fix education w/ txts?

  Photo: AP Photo/Aberdeen American News, Andrew Lamberson Facing some of America’s biggest education challenges, Benjamin Castleman thinks small. In his…


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Summit Public Schools personalizes instruction with technology so teachers can work with students individually and in small groups.

Summit Public Schools and Facebook announce new personalized learning platform project

Here’s what you might not have heard last week when Facebook announced a project to create new software for schools. Teachers had the idea. Educators at Summit Public Schools,…

Mind blown: Is a brain-wave reading, Gucci-designed headband coming to a classroom near you?

A device in use during the ordinary school day can “read” each student’s brain waves in real-time. No more guesswork about whether a student’s droopy eyes are a result of…