Blended Learning

More classrooms have high-tech devices. More schools have speedy Internet connections. And more teachers are mixing technology into their lessons. Can blended learning improve academic outcomes? Will it help disadvantaged students? The Hechinger Report explores the way new technology is changing what we teach and learn. See all our Special Reports

What if students could study what they love, at a pace that suits their needs?

Horizon Report identifies challenges in personalized learning

Programming sun and rain: Students run an indoor farm at school by computer or mobile app

Green beans and other vegetables growing in the computer-controlled climate of a hydroponic farm in an old shipping container at Boston Latin School. Students monitor and control it…

A little freedom to fail: Can it counteract helicopter parents?

Middle school students at Summit Denali work with a teacher in a small group. Photo: Nichole Dobo A private school in northern California uses technology to…

A virtual tour of blended-learning schools, so others can see how it’s done

Six schools considered leaders in innovation are now featured online

App helps English Language learners build confidence

Kathy Rogers teaches at Louis Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia Hills, Ala. When a new seventh-grader joined her homeroom class last year, the veteran teacher faced a challenge: the…

We must not shut low-income students out of computer sciences

The latest literacy crisis has nothing to do with reading

E-Counseling 2.0: Can a new wave of virtual guidance help?

The latest virtual guidance counseling services may help more low-income kids get to college


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