Blended Learning

More classrooms have high-tech devices. More schools have speedy Internet connections. And more teachers are mixing technology into their lessons. Can blended learning improve academic outcomes? Will it help disadvantaged students? The Hechinger Report explores the way new technology is changing what we teach and learn. See all our Special Reports

Senate bill proposes a new education technology program in No Child Left Behind, with teacher training a priority

Legislation headed for debate on the U.S. Senate floor would create a new program to provide the nation’s schools with more money for technology and for training to make the…

Should every school class be a computer coding class?

Coding, coding everywhere, as the some of the youngest schoolchildren become pioneers of computer science

A conference in Arizona emerges as a power-player in education technology

Pop quiz: Define equity. That question, posed to an educator, will probably spark a conversation about the uneven learning outcomes for disadvantaged students. But the word ‘equity’ means something very…

California Gov. Jerry Brown lowers his head while listening to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom speak about today's technology during a meeting of the UC Board of Regents Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 in San Francisco. Gov. Brown is pressing the University of California to bring more courses online to help make college more accessible and affordable. Brown urged university leaders to expand online education.

California’s multi-million dollar online education flop is another blow for MOOCs

Once-celebrated online courses still haven’t lived up to the hype

Online courses might offer a path to more degrees – and to reducing the carbon footprint

A new report suggests universities could reach more students, and save money, with blended learning

Ed tech must do more to ‘advance equity,’ U.S. Secretary of Education says

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona—The U.S. Department of Education unveiled a new education technology developer’s guide Tuesday during the annual ASU+GSV Summit conference here. In remarks at the conference, U.S. Secretary of Education…

What do Rhode Island, Ohio and Colorado have in common? Hint: A partner for blended learning

Swiftly transforming a school to a successful digital learning model requires more than good intentions and a can-do spirit. Teacher training, budget planning and crafting a solid instructional plan for…


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Adult education needs more ‘passion’ and investment from technology entrepreneurs, report says

Adult education could be improved through the use of educational technology, but there is not enough investment in it, according to two reports released this week. Millions of…

Is “making a game out of learning” bad for learning?

Two MIT professors argue for more playful educational games

Strapped schools turn to online fundraising sites for support

This weekend I was reminded again of how much digital tools have changed fundraising for schools. The ping came to me on social media, so bonus points for a…