High School Reform

Experts often urge educators to catch struggling students “before it’s too late,” but high schools are charged with educating all students, regardless of their past. The Hechinger Report is spending two years exploring high schools successful with diverse groups or trying innovative approaches. See all our Special Reports

Can this rural high school ‘drop the drama’?

Mia Clough, an 11th-grader, shares ideas for a code of conduct during the Drop the Drama class at Pittsfield Middle High School. Photo: Jim Vaiknoras PITTSFIELD,…

Dear students, Betsy DeVos may not be prepared for office, but you must prepare for her

The confirmation vote on the Secretary of Education nominee has been delayed amid criticism

It all started in a German castle: How wilderness programs shape some urban schools

Techniques honed in the wilderness help students build homes, make films, tend gardens and act in a play about apartheid

Twenty-one and in high school

A Bronx school bets on relationships to give high school dropouts a second chance

Personalized learning: How kids are getting into college by mastering their skills

A New Hampshire principal explains why competency education works

More Latino students are earning high school diplomas as they wrestle the stubborn equity gap. Next stop, college

Three ways to ensure Hispanic educational aspirations don’t stop when secondary school ends


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More students are graduating but that’s not the whole story

Obama administration touts rising graduation rates, but gaps remain

Can all students succeed at science and technology high schools?

No longer only for the elite, a new generation of science high schools could help low-income and minority students get better jobs

Can $10 million build the ideal high school?

A private group pours money into an effort to build the high schools “of the future”