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Even as policymakers push to increase the proportion of Americans with degrees, university and college students and their families contend with ever-rising costs and debt, low success rates, and growing concern about equal access to a higher education. We cover the causes of these problems, and the innovations being tried to solve them. See all our Special Reports

Hunter College junior Raymi Echavarria is spending the summer making sure students from her old high school in Brooklyn make it to college this fall.

New research offers hope to first-generation college grads

Pay stubs of first-generation students match those of wealthier peers

OPINION: America’s colleges and universities have a serious revenue problem

Trimming costs or enrolling more students can’t cure what higher education faces — but these other steps might

How to help students avoid the remedial ed trap

A new study highlights some promising reforms but also points out obstacles

Loni Bordoloi Pazich

OPINION: Can technology save the liberal arts?

Study looks at online and traditional classrooms

The dedication ceremony of the LGBTQ Rainbow Freedom Flag at The Stonewall National Monument, marking the first time the LGBTQ Rainbow Flag will be displayed permanently in New York City.

Christian conservatives are trying to turn bigoted policies into higher education law

Discrimination cannot be disguised as religious freedom

Protesters at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in March 2014.

Overwhelmed by student debt, many low-income students drop out

Almost a third of Americans who take out loans to pay for college don’t get a degree.

David Andy, who is enrolled in a program in advanced manufacturing at Metro State University in Denver designed in collaboration with employers.

Worker shortage spurs uncharacteristic partnerships connecting colleges, business

One state tries to close the odd divide between what students learn and employers need


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Following the lessons of learning science in schools isn’t convenient

Making schools more personalized, while creating more work, would better conform to what’s known about the science of learning

Arizona State University, whose president says it has become a model of how higher education can solve many of its problems.

OPINION: Changing the ‘narrow and sometimes elitist image of higher education’

Let’s build a college-going culture that includes options for every student

These colleges turn low-income students into middle-class earners — but how?

A small, somewhat pricey 50-year-old program in New York City is a prime example of an engine of social mobility, economists find