Race and Equity

Over 50 years since the Civil Rights Era, there is perhaps no issue in American education more intractable or more painful than the persistent gaps in educational outcomes between black and brown students and their white peers. Racial disparities endure at every level of the system and are only compounded for boys. We will explore the root causes and look for solutions using research, data and on-the-ground reporting. See all our Special Reports

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All institutions could be taking these steps to improve the success of non-white students

Experts offer black and Latino college students eight tips for success

“Anybody who succeeds in science tends to work in some group. … But students who excel in high school are accustomed to being by themselves, working alone in their room.”

When cause of death is not suicide, but school

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Will high school segregation for refugees lead to better integration?

In Bowling Green, Kentucky, refugee and immigrant students can choose a separate high school

LISTEN: In this Kentucky town, refugees can choose a separate high school

Will it help students integrate into the community?


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