Data and research

As students spend more time on digital devices in school, data security becomes increasingly important.

Who is keeping student data safe in the era of digital learning?

Some districts go above and beyond compliance to foster trust among parents

Smart students attract parents more than smart schools

Economists find pitfalls to high school choice in New York City

In this file photo, a pre-K student completes a writing assignment.

New research says schools don’t matter much in helping kids climb the economic ladder

Supporting education while neglecting everything else is a fantasy

How legalizing marijuana could hurt student achievement

As we loosen cannabis laws, we should weigh the impact on learning

Experiments that send parents useful information by text have been found to increase student attendance and reduce course failures dramatically.

Sending parents useful information about attendance, course progress has big effects, social scientists find

Parents could be a greater resource in efforts to increase student achievement

Students make use of tablets and technology while working in small groups.

Three lessons from rigorous research on education technology

Hope seen in "personalized" software for math

While the rest of the world invests more in education, the U.S. spends less

Years of disinvestment could affect the future U.S. labor force


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Counting DACA students

It is estimated that half of the people eligible for DACA are enrolled in high school or college

How the federal government abandoned the Brown v. Board of Education decision

It’s illegal to run schools designed to keep out black students, but the Department of Justice is letting districts get away with it

OPINION: It’s time to admit that Georgia is in the crux of a college financial aid crisis

“I dread answering my phone at the beginning of each semester …”