States can change the way they think about education, but will they?

Organizations rally to help states, as more control over education returns to the local level

College completion failures must be tackled in tandem with costs, report says

The Education Trust scolds federal, state governments for separating two related issues

As some schools plunge into technology, poor schools are left behind

A student works on her memoir in a computer lab at Bronzeville Scholastic Institute High School on Chicago's South Side (Photo by Nick Pandolfo) CHICAGO – On…

Free courses may shake universities’ monopoly on credit

Just as the Internet has made news free and music cheap, it may be about to vastly lower the cost of one of the most expensive commodities in America: college.…

As Ohio moves to defund remedial courses, new models arise

Students at Kent State University (Photo by Sarah Butrymowicz) KENT, Ohio—As finals approached, nearly 240 students in a computer lab worked through basic algebra problems at Kent…

Two of nation’s largest Head Start providers must fight for federal funds

Lady Bird Johnson visiting a classroom for Project Head Start in 1966. New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) is at risk of losing a $190…

How much does class size matter?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a recent speech to students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that in his ideal world, he’d get rid of half of…


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Budget cuts, other obstacles threaten Obama’s American Graduation Initiative

Photo courtesy CUNY Despite political pressure to improve graduation rates, few states have done anything serious to increase the low proportions of community-college students who actually earn…

NCLB waiver plans offer hodgepodge of grading systems

Education Week States seeking waivers under the No Child Left Behind Act are hoping to replace what is widely considered an outdated, but consistent, school accountability regime with a…

Q&A with the College Board’s Sandy Baum: ‘Too many low-and moderate-income students are being left behind’

Sandy Baum Sandy Baum, an independent policy analyst for the College Board, discovered recently that colleges and universities awarded $5.3 billion in grants beyond the…