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OPINION: ‘Colleges should not abandon student parents to fend for themselves’

As colleges across the country start classes this fall, students who are on campus must follow a host of social distancing measures that drastically change the college experience, while those taking classes remotely must grapple with learning mainly from a screen. One subset of students has particularly tough adjustments to make: those who are parents.  […]

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STUDENT VOICE: A working parent in college takes on remote learning for himself and his kids, says ‘something has to give’

I am busy. Under normal circumstances. As a parent, college student and program adviser, I work and attend class — while also coordinating drop-offs, pick-ups, bedtime routines and playdates for my kids. Life was already a fine balance of responsibilities, commitments and difficult decisions. Now, because of the impact that the coronavirus is having across […]

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STUDENT VOICE: ‘I never imagined that I’d attend a four-year college, especially not while raising and supporting a son’

I’m a 36-year-old single mother and a first-generation college student. I’m the older sibling to a brother who is high-functioning on the autism spectrum and a sister who has Down syndrome. I’m also a May 2019* graduate of a community college and an incoming student this fall at the University of California, Los Angeles. I […]

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PROOF POINTS: Why parental consent often isn’t required in education research

While writing a recent column about teachers conducting educational studies in their own classrooms, I was curious about when they might need to inform their students’ parents about this research and obtain parental permission. As I dug into the rules governing informed consent in educational research, I was surprised to learn that parental consent often […]