segregated schools

Measuring diversity without holding schools accountable won’t bring about integration

New York City takes the first step towards integrating schools

healthy schools

How a federal free meal program affected school poverty stats

Student poverty rate increased only 2 percentage points after schools adopted a new lunch program for all, a Missouri study finds

Denver teachers are next to take to the picket line

A bonus system cannot replace a higher base pay

A student completes a math problem at a West Virginia school.

If girls are bad at math, should we blame their mothers?

Economists calculate how sexism at home may be transmitted to daughters

Parents give their children goodbye kisses after bringing them to school in Los Angeles.

When acceptable attire depends on the color of your skin

Parental dress codes are a thing in some educational institutions

Weakest students more likely to take online college classes but do worse in them

Survey of rigorous academic research on online education finds lower grades and higher drop out rates

Schools should not be battlegrounds for Trump’s fake war

Schools bear the brunt of the immigration crisis


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Immigrants learned English in half the time when they were held back in third grade

Florida study tracked more than 40,000 English language learners over a decade

To un-muzzle upstart Negros, we need black-owned news media

Mainstream media generally reflects the views of the ruling class

Recessionary cuts in public education restored by 2015-16

That's important because recent studies find that higher school spending produces higher student achievement