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Carmen Quinonez, a teacher at a dropout program in Riverside County, Calif. called Come Back Kids, guides Quincey Bennett, 18, through an algebra problem. (Photo: Brenda Iasevoli)

Plenty of credits, no diploma

California's guidance counselor shortage means many kids end up with more credits than they need to graduate, just not the right ones

Parent activist Winter Hall talks about her daughter’s low-performing school at the Nov. 15 Parent Power convention in Los Angeles. (Photo: Parent Revolution)

Is this is what the next phase of the ‘parent trigger’ movement looks like?

The news earlier this month from the Los Angeles superintendent’s office was deceptively simple: “I remain committed to the community and expanded parent choice as it relates to the education…

Superintendent John Deasy is seen in this file photo before the start of a public hearing at the headquarters of the Los Angeles Unified School District. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

After months of turmoil, LA Schools Superintendent Deasy resigns

Los Angeles Unified School Superintendent John Deasy’s resignation Thursday ended weeks of speculation over whether the school board would oust him or he would leave the post of his own…

The nine plaintiffs, including Beatriz Vergara, who brought suit against the state. This slide, without names, was shown in court.

After Vergara, activists expect court battles over teacher tenure across the U.S.

Los Angeles – When a California judge ruled earlier this week that tenure deprives the state’s students of their right to an education, activists prepared for a national legal battle…

California is test case for new front in teacher wars

On February 11 in California Superior Court in Los Angeles, Beatriz Vergara, 15, testified to enduring a string of bad public-school teachers. A sixth-grade math teacher slept in class. A…

Sixth-grade teachers Erica Silva (left) and Allison Pazar lead a project on how to mummify a chicken as part of a social studies unit on ancient Egypt at Oscar Romero Charter Middle School in central Los Angeles. There’s plenty of time for hands-on lessons like these thanks to Romero’s 10-hour school day. (Photo: Brenda Iasevoli)

School success part of broader strategy to target urban poverty in Los Angeles Promise Zone

LOS ANGELES – Most days, you can find Melissa Estrada at Monseñor Oscar Romero Charter Middle School in Central Los Angeles where her son Angel Hernandez is in eighth grade.…

After bungled iPad rollout, lessons from LA put tablet technology in a time out

Los Angeles – “D” is the letter of the day in Maria Martinez’s kindergarten class at Maywood Elementary. On a recent weekday, Martinez drew a capital and lower-case d on…