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A sampling of Hechinger reporting for The New York Times’ Learning section

How one test kept New York City high schools segregated

Student Voice: “I’m a Hispanic woman from the Bronx, I’m trying to get into Stuy. It’s unrealistic”

Inside New York City’s segregated high school system

How policies and procedures prevent integration in one of the nation’s most diverse cities

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A Planet Money podcast about the market-defying logic behind college costs

What do at-risk students, English language learners and adult college students have in common?

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Teacher pay by state

These are the median salaries for high school teachers in each state

Even though more than half of Mississippi’s public high school graduates in 2015 were African American, they only made up 10 percent of that fall’s freshman class at the University of Mississippi.

Disparities at state flagships

An interactive look at how many African-American and Latino high schoolers make it to their state's main college or university

Chart: How much university endowments rose in 2017

Many of the largest are bracing for the 1.4% tax on some endowments that passed in the GOP bill

student poverty

READERS REACT: “I made it” through college despite “working, dressing poorly, bad shoes, etc.”

This month’s letters to the editor discuss the impact of cuts to federal school aid, the phenomenon of richer students earning better grades and the advisability of preschoolers using computers

Analysis: Trump’s Justice Dept moves to protect whites in college admissions

Hechinger reporters weigh in on the news with history, case law and research