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Timothy Pratt

Timothy Pratt is a reporter based outside Atlanta; he writes about subjects ranging from soccer to media to higher education, in English and Spanish, for a range of outlets that includes the NY Times, the Guardian and the Columbia Journalism Review.

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The new North-South divide: public higher education

Southern universities and colleges are disproportionately losing funding, students

Students are enlisted to help flailing classmates deal with money matters

Lack of basic financial knowledge and advice is aggravating student debt, defaults

Colleges offer microgrants to help low-income students pay bills that can derail them

Small financial woes thwart growing numbers who are painfully close to getting their degrees

College “bait and switch”

Financial aid often declines after freshman year. Little-known practice threatens graduation rates, raises debt, say experts

Josh Bergeleen credits his college with helping him discover his identity. Many colleges are competing to recruit gay students.

Colleges see gay students as a new market

Josh Bergeleen was raised in a fundamentalist Christian home in Austin, Texas, where, growing up, he “didn’t know that gay was a thing.” He came out at 18, shortly after…

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Has this new online college program solved the MOOC problem?

ATLANTA – Dary Merckens was in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, several weeks before moving to Las Vegas. He was also entering his second month in a master’s degree…

A teacher-training workshop at Kennesaw State University in Georgia

Responding to student demand, universities teach teachers how to teach

KENNESAW, Ga. — Michele DiPietro had his listeners in stitches with his impressions of dumb things college students say in class. Then he sobered them up with advice about how…

Students leave a high school after they finished a Chinese literature exam, the first of four exams of the two-day college entrance exam, in Beijing Saturday, June 7, 2014. More than nine million students will compete in this year's national college entrance exam across China for less than seven million college seats. (AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan)

Concerns rise about cheating by Chinese applicants to U.S. colleges

The application essay from a student in China sounded much like thousands of others sent each year to the University of Washington at Seattle. “ ‘I did this,’ ” admissions…

Residents are crowded out of college by out-of-state and foreign students

In her 18 years as a counselor at California high schools, Kirsten Barnes has seen hundreds of seniors apply for college. But few were as qualified as this one. The…

Maryville College

As white enrollment sags, colleges turn to new market: Hispanics

Driving along US-411N toward Maryville, Tenn., surrounded on both sides of the road by rolling green hills and slow-moving cows, it seems surprising to hear a DJ on the FM…