Annie Murphy Paul

Want teens to pay attention? Tell them they’re being manipulated

Many a parent and teacher has despaired over how easily young people’s attention is diverted, especially when they’re online. Stay focused! we urge them. Don’t let yourself get distracted! Our…

Bill Gates (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Ed tech promoters need to understand how most of us learn

When Bill Gates was still a teenager, he would sneak out of his family’s house before dawn and ride his bike to a building on the campus of the University…

Woodland Park fourth grade students near Norfolk, Neb., watch a video in class. (AP Photo/Norfolk Daily News, Dennis Meyer)

Ed tech that needs nothing but a TV and VCR?

MIT BLOSSOMS, one of the most exciting and effective uses of educational technology to help high school students learn math and science, doesn’t boast the latest in artificial intelligence or…

A student points to a coin and touches it as he works on a math project on the SMART Board, in his Southwest Elementary School classroom in Jefferson City, Mo. (AP Photo/The News Tribune, Julie Smith) No Reproduction

Is the body the next breakthrough in education tech?

Today’s educational technology often presents itself as a radical departure from the tired practices of traditional instruction. But in one way, at least, it faithfully follows the conventions of the…

Why schools’ efforts to block the Internet are so laughably lame

As schools around the country have rolled out one-to-one computer initiatives, handing out tablets and laptops to their students, a sour note has often intruded on the triumphant fanfare heralding…

Educational technology isn’t leveling the playing field

The local name for the Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington is “the Badlands,” and with good reason. Pockmarked with empty lots and burned-out row houses, the area has an unemployment rate…