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The University of Mount Olive in North Carolina, which recruits community college graduates.

With fight in Maryland stalled, Congress must take lead in battle over financial aid ‘displacement’

Federal action is needed to end this unfair practice at both public and private colleges nationwide

The troubling use of ‘merit aid’ at public flagships and research universities

Which public universities spent 100 percent of institutional aid on non-needy students in 2014-15?

Students shouldn’t have to give up legal rights to enroll in for-profit colleges

If Obama administration means what it says, it must end mandatory arbitration for defrauded college students

A better way to judge a college’s commitment to serving low-income students

For decades, policymakers, researchers and journalists have relied on a single metric to judge whether colleges are committed to serving low-income students: the percentage of their students who receive Pell…

A fight in Maryland to stop colleges from stripping low-income students of institutional aid

Could the entire $1 billion-per-year U.S. private scholarship industry be at risk?

Why UW-Madison’s plan to become bigger “merit aid” player is bad for U.S. public higher education

As public colleges lure affluent out-of-state students with merit aid, less aid and fewer seats remain for in-state students

Getting more high-achieving low-income students into selective colleges

States that require (and pay for) all high schoolers to take SAT or ACT during school-day see increased college enrollment rates


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Grinnell shows what it takes for an elite private college to be socioeconomically diverse

College will reduce investment in “merit aid” as tradeoff in remaining “need blind” in its admissions

Q&A with Leah Merrifield: A leading voice for socioeconomic diversity at Wash U.

One university’s innovative program to prepare talented but under-resourced kids for getting into and through selective colleges

Five things to know about Wash U.’s plan to become more socioeconomically diverse

As I wrote in my last column, Washington University in St. Louis is in the midst of a five-year plan to become more socioeconomically diverse. The university will…