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The main administrative building at the University of La Verne. The university is among several in California that have reached an agreement with Gov. Jerry Brown to take more transfer students.

STUDENT VOICE: Despite suiting many families’ needs, California community colleges remain an undervalued option

Trading prestige for financial security, while heading toward a four-year degree

OPINION: Students pay the price if a college fails. So why are we protecting failing institutions?

There’s little information available on which colleges might close in the next few years, even though college closures affect many communities

OPINION: Better Thanksgiving questions than ‘What are you going to do with that major?’

Instead of a grilling, ask students what they've learned about what the world needs — and then pass the sweet potatoes

free speech on campus

We must not allow bigots on campus to hide behind free speech

Academic freedom and the spread of hate are incompatible at an institution of learning

students with autism

As diagnoses rise, more colleges add services for students with autism

These few programs serve small numbers, however — and often at a high price


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tuition free colleges

How one country with close parallels to the United States has made college free

The experience exposes the risks, rewards of increasingly popular free-tuition programs

3 studies argue against fidget spinners in the classroom

Researchers also question the use of other fidget and stress-relieving objects


HBCUs are leading centers of education — why are they treated as second-class citizens?

In Maryland, Gov. Hogan is shortchanging state’s black colleges, a pattern seen in other states