Higher Ed

Colleges provide misleading information about their costs

In lieu of regulating universities, Trump administration encourages them to furnish students with information on expenses and results — but some of the data is inaccurate

Students walk on campus at UC Merced in Merced, Ca. Monday, April 13, 2015.

Economists find free community college can backfire

Simulations by researchers find that the most cost effective way to raise college education levels in America would be to increase taxpayer spending at public universities

black athletes

Black athletes have a trump card they are not using enough

What would happen if they wielded their economic and cultural power collectively?

OPINION: ‘I’d filled out the FAFSA incorrectly, and I assumed it was the end of my education. It wasn’t — because my principal cared’

Helping more underrepresented students, especially black and brown young men, to prepare for life after high school

historically underrepresented students

Flagship universities don’t reflect their state’s diversity

Across the country a gap persists between the number of black and Latino students graduating from state high schools, and the number enrolling in state flagship schools.

OPINION: In hip-hop, educators find a bridge to Shakespeare

Rap meets the Renaissance, and what Tupac had to say about the Bard

College dreams often melt away in summer months. ‘Near-peer’ counseling is helping keep them alive.

Eight years in, a program that helps low-income students stay on track to college is spreading — and showing results


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Luxury private student housing further divides rich and poor on campuses

Developers are pouring billions into buildings with pools, hot tubs, gyms and saunas

STUDENT VOICE: The pervasive and crippling fear of college

A young father, one of the first in his family to earn a degree, reflects on how he overcame his doubts

off-campus housing

The hidden risk in off-campus housing costs

As rents rise, living off-campus doesn’t always mean lower expenses