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abuse in sports

White coaches pick the wrong side when they talk down to their black athletes

Why do we tolerate racialized aggression on the field when we don't tolerate it in our classrooms?

small private colleges

As small private colleges keep closing, some are fighting back

The first step to a survival strategy: acknowledging that there’s a problem

federal student loan limits

Some experts have a new idea to help students afford college: more federal loans

Raising the limits could avoid indebting parents and forcing students to work while in school

OPINION: Numbers evoke joy and wonder, why doesn’t math class?

Let's end the myth that only some people are good at math

With white students becoming a minority, public universities push harder to diversify

In Louisiana, a flagship university president argues the lack of black students on campus isn’t just a moral problem; it’s bad for the financial future of the university

OPINION: “They said I only got in because I ‘checked the black box’ ”

Five ways to join the fight for higher-education equity and help all students feel that they belong

OPINION: We must close college counseling’s equity gap

Four topics of concern about advising and inequity in the wake of 'Operation Varsity Blues'


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After all the fuss about getting in, how do poor students survive on elite campuses?

A new book details obstacles, from encountering closed cafeterias to cleaning clogged toilets

Getting rid of the ‘gotcha’: College students try to tame political dialogue

Rebelling against political discourse that polarizes people, new campus groups seek common ground and informed discussion of hot-button topics

federal work study program

Do federal work-study jobs prepare students for careers – and should they?

The Trump Administration proposes cutting work-study funding almost by half