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Former chancellors of research universities warn their future is in peril

New report urges dramatic changes to save a system that’s “breaking down”

Government data single out schools where low-income students fare worst

Some enroll very small numbers of Pell Grant recipients; at others, they never graduate

The colleges that do the best — and the worst — at graduating low-income students

For years, popular rankings of universities and colleges have been blamed for pushing universities and colleges to shift financial aid away from needy students to wealthier graduates of top private…

Two studies find Common Core tests make the grade

While they are successful at assessing students’ knowledge of the new standards, one finding shows that the proficiency levels are set too low

‘The first time I got shot, I was in fifth grade’

Tommie Mabry, who was kicked out of Whitten Prep, told young men there to let music like that of Lil Boosie be the “passion of your ear, not…

Enrollment in online courses rises, but their importance to academic chiefs wanes

Rise in online learning shifts from private for-profit to private nonprofit schools

Data on teacher prep grads will soon lead to consequences for some programs

More states tying teacher data back to teacher preparation, report says


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A proposal from the White House: $4 billion for computer science education for every K-12 student

The White House wants to bring computer science to every student, and this past weekend President Obama proposed spending more than $4 billion on a new federal program to make…

Nolan Young, 3, front, looks at a smart phone while his brother Jameson, right, 4, looks at a smart tablet at their home, in Boston.

Many low-income families get on the Internet with smartphones or tablets. That matters. Here’s why

A new report examines how poor families with children use the Internet

Gates Foundation adds its voice to calls for closer scrutiny of colleges

Says a lack of reliable data about success rates hampers efforts for reform