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Technology offers special help in special ed

Eleven-year-old Matthew Votto sits at an iPad, his teacher at his elbow. She holds up a small laminated picture of a $20 bill. “What money is this?” she asks. Matthew…

Wanted: More gutsy leaders to drive schools into digital age

A second-grader in a Middletown, N.Y., school furrows her brow, searching her keyboard to find that funny number sign for her password. A third-grader holds her Chromebook aloft, hoping to…

Maryville College

As white enrollment sags, colleges turn to new market: Hispanics

Driving along US-411N toward Maryville, Tenn., surrounded on both sides of the road by rolling green hills and slow-moving cows, it seems surprising to hear a DJ on the FM…

Teach for America has brought new energy to New Orleans schools

​After Hurricane Katrina, I started a new middle school called KIPP Central City, one of many charter schools that has opened in New Orleans. The entire KIPP environment (KIPP stands…

Kenyatta Collins

New Orleans schools feel too much like prisons

Is my high school, Lake Area New Tech, a prison or school? Students arrive ready for school every morning, but unfortunately must wait outside the building until security guards unlock…

Giann Nelson plays the

Online test requirements help spur tech innovation at some New Orleans schools

Times-Picayune Unless the Legislature changes its mind, next year Louisiana’s third through eighth graders in public schools will start taking new, national tests on the computer.…

tech in schools

Technology learning poised to take off in New Orleans public schools

Times-Picayune The digital bell sounds, and students at Arthur Ashe Charter School in New Orleans’ Gentilly neighborhood file into the classroom. They sit down and immediately…


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Report: student debt slowing graduates’ accumulation of wealth

Student-loan debt is slowing the accumulation of wealth for younger Americans, who have managed to amass only one-seventh as much money as people with similar incomes and no student loans,…

Q&A with Randi Weingarten: Is Australia’s conservative government doing more about school equity than the Obama administration?

President of the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten has traveled the globe, to places like Argentina, Finland and Singapore, to bring lessons back from foreign education systems to the…

How can schools close the technology gap and how much will it cost?

Reaching the goal of putting every teacher and student on an Internet device, and making sure it can actually connect to the Internet, will require a major financial investment: Billions…