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OPINION: Why it’s time for a new generation of HBCU grads to become national leaders

With his historic win in Georgia to become the state’s first Black senator, the Rev. Raphael Warnock reinforced a narrative building over the past few years:  A new generation of leaders has emerged from the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities. Some civil rights legends attended HBCUs in part because they were not permitted to […]

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OPINION: Recent racial incidents involving police are enraging students at our HBCU, and for their sake we need to reopen

Some words for students, their families and others who care about them: Since the coronavirus arrived, the world is learning a lot about Generation Z, the first college class in history during the time of virtual classes, commencements, celebrations and campus tours. Members of your generation and those who care about you are among  those […]

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OPINION: Here’s why chronically underfunded HBCUs are needed now more than ever

A recent online meme had a striking message: “A year at an HBCU can undo a K-12 experience.” We’ve seen firsthand just how true this statement is at Benedict College, our small, historically Black college in Columbia, South Carolina. Students who have been underserved by a deeply inequitable education system often undergo a remarkable transformation […]

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OPINION: The need for more black school counselors, and four ways to get better information about HBCUs

In the United States, the likelihood of black students being paired with black school counselors is low. Census data show that 70 percent of U.S. school counselors are white. (In my state, New Jersey, 83 percent of support-services staff, including guidance counselors, are white.) Traditionally, students are paired with guidance counselors by last name — […]

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HBCUs entering the game: Black colleges join the esports bandwagon

The fall semester for most college students won’t look like any semester in the past, and that’s not such a bad thing for Keenan Johnson. He attends one of North Carolina’s historically black colleges and universities, Johnson C. Smith University, which is offering classes remotely because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Johnson isn’t thrilled to be […]

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COLUMN: HBCUs are leading centers of education — why are they treated as second-class citizens?

It’s past time America paid its debt to Historically Black Colleges and Universities — HBCUs. It’s hard to place a dollar figure on the injuries caused by devaluing black lives and colleges, but it’s high time we tried. Last week at a rally near the Thurgood Marshall memorial in Maryland’s state capital of Annapolis, supporters […]

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Federal money to ease collegians’ coronavirus costs may shortchange some who need it most

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Colleges and universities that primarily serve minority students may fare worse than others in receiving aid from the CARES Act, the government’s recent coronavirus stimulus package. At the beginning of the month, colleges and universities were allotted $6 billion dollars to distribute to students as emergency grants. This money is meant to […]