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Lessons from abroad: If Republicans controlled U.S. education policy? Australia offers a sneak peek

What would happen if conservative ideas for improving education were given free reign in the United States? If Republicans take over the Senate and then the White House, a possibility,…

Lessons from Abroad: Singapore’s secrets to training world-class teachers

Singapore has been a hot topic in education circles ever since it began to appear near the top of the pack of international assessments in math and science in the…

Iowa looks abroad for lessons on education reform

Iowa has surprisingly global ambitions to improve its education system. That’s why I found myself moderating sessions at the Iowa Teacher and Principal Leadership Symposium with titles such…

Learning our own liberal-arts lessons

As a professor of communication advocating for the liberal arts, I recently faced a tough crowd. The admissions event was filled with prospective first-generation college students and their parents. I…

How the U.S. educational system looks to a leading expert abroad

The Hechinger Report recently had a chance to ask the OECD’s Andreas Schleicher, an expert on educational systems around the world, what he makes of the current push…

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