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A three-year look at a school trying to turn around — and the kids depending on it

In 2012, a team of reporters set out to chronicle one year at a struggling Newark school striving for a turnaround. Sara Neufeld of The Hechinger Report stayed for three. She was granted extraordinary access to Quitman Street Renew School, witnessing Principal Erskine Glover and his staff tackle one of the hardest jobs in the […]

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How technology helped deliver a taste of victory to a struggling Newark School

When Sara Neufeld wrote in The Hechinger Report last year that Newark’s Quitman Street Renew School had the greatest test score gains in reading of all 45 elementary and middle schools in Newark the prior spring, we at Education Elements saw it as triumph. Quitman Street is one of the schools that has used our […]

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Building a high school that bridges inequity in Brownsville, Brooklyn

In her affecting three-part account of the launch of our first charter high school in Brownsville, one of the most challenged communities in New York City, The Hechinger Report’s Sara Neufeld asks: Can a liberal arts education fused with a supportive culture equip students – in a way that has proved so difficult for other […]

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Hechinger’s top stories of 2015

It’s been another big year for The Hechinger Report. We unveiled a new website, held a successful crowd funding campaign and published a record-breaking 652 stories.  If you found it hard to keep up with them all, fear not! We chose some must-reads to squeeze in before the ball drops. (And don’t forget to sign […]

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Viral math problems, unaccompanied minors and special ed in prison: A look back at Hechinger’s top K-12 stories of 2014

It’s been another big year for American education. The Common Core continued to shake up classrooms, amid bitter political feuds and parent protests. Schools around the country are also rushing to prepare the technology for new online standardized tests that are paired with the standards. And digital devices in the classroom are increasingly popular, but […]

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How to close the “opportunity gap?” Let’s find out

In 2006, researchers at Johns Hopkins University drew an important conclusion after a quarter-century following rich and poor students in Baltimore from childhood to adulthood. The summer, they said, is a major reason students from low-income families are continually playing catch-up with their wealthier peers. Affluent children stay academically engaged during enriching summer camps, museum […]

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Top ten stories from Hechinger — Kindergarten through high school highlights

It’s been a busy year for The Hechinger Report’s k-12 team. Two of our staff members published books on education. We set up our Mississippi bureau. We added two new blogs – Digital EDU and Education by the Numbers. And we kept traveling around the United States to document the country’s triumphs and struggles in […]

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Five Hechinger Report writers recognized with national awards

For the third consecutive year, The Hechinger Report has been honored with National Awards for Education writing from the Education Writers Association. Our brand of solutions-oriented, in-depth writing about education has been appearing in major publications across the U.S. since May, 2010. Five Report writers are among the winners of the 2012 National Awards for […]

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Can handpicked teachers turn around an underperforming school?

NEWARK, N.J. — It was a fight to the finish, but Erskine Glover can honestly say he’s happy with the team of teachers who will be instructing his students this fall. Glover, principal of what’s momentarily known as Quitman Street Renew School, had a grueling summer interviewing more than 100 candidates for instructional positions, with dozens more […]