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“Discovering” black teachers at HBCUs

“I’m going from place to place to place having the same conversations about how to recruit teachers of color,” said Travis Bristol, assistant professor at Boston University. Bristol, who examines national, state and local education policies that affect the recruitment and retention for teachers of color in schools, has been much in demand lately to […]

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The Civil War may be settled, but the fight to remove its symbols rages on

Fights over history are really contests for children’s minds. And the stakes are high enough that adults have put children in harm’s way. This story also appeared in The Root Last week, people protesting the removal of Confederate flags in New Orleans brandished guns, and at least one assault rifle, within range of a local school known for diversity. School officials casually laid down measuring tape to see […]

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If universities did more to help poor students, maybe 40 percent wouldn’t drop out before college even begins

In an open letter she read out at a rally last week, New Orleans high school senior Karriem Bennett (justifiably) protested the amount in TOPS financial aid Tulane University told her she’d likely receive next year: a measly $2. But if the Louisiana legislature fully funds the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, the state merit […]

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Lesson Plan for Letter-Writing Campaign Protesting TOPS Cuts

NOTE: While this lesson plan was written to address funding cuts in Louisiana’s college scholarship program, it may be adapted to efforts to ensure access to postsecondary institutions outside the Bayou State. Please share your lesson plans and/or letters. Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies Grades: 12th (though it’s certainly relevant for 9th through 11th grades) […]

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A professor’s proposed Black History Month course for one student: President Donald Trump

Spring 2017 Bayard Rustin Education Bldg., Room 1963 Course Description This course is an introduction to the histories of African-Americans for those who talk favorably about “departed” black heroes like Ben Carson but find it difficult to recognize a black president. This course is for people who praise themselves at prayer breakfasts, habitually put a […]