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Exclude Louisiana’s poorest students from scholarships? Stop kicking that can down the road

Funding problems still plague Louisiana’s benchmark scholarship program and none of the proposed ideas are solutions. The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) scholarships can’t cover the nearly 51,000 students who receive some form of TOPS aid while it falls $72 million short of the $300 million it needs for full funding. The sad truth […]

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Do you really believe all children can learn? Then stop disciplining black students out of the system

If we viewed students as learners and not uneducable criminals, then we wouldn’t kick them out of schools. We certainly wouldn’t shuttle children through an adult justice system. Education’s original sin of not believing children are actually children erodes even the most strident of educators’ belief that all children can learn and should be educated […]

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Stop saying it’s “best for the kids” when it’s really about ignoring the black community

Communities shouldn’t accept the flagrantly negative tradeoffs that come with school reform. Reforms can only be sustained by the very communities that use them. That’s the bottom line for New Orleanians involved in the current effort to bring charter schools in the Recovery School District back into the New Orleans Public School District. The public […]

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There’s only one university where this fraternity belongs, and that’s Trump University

Fraternity row is still one of the most segregated spaces at predominately white colleges and universities in America. And this week in New Orleans, the Tulane University chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order showed just how “Greek life” acts as a vestige of discrimination. Each year, KA constructs a sandbag wall around its off-campus house; […]

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Educators must stop “rapper shaming”

I used to express a popular theme in my speeches to students in urban schools. This story also appeared in WBOK “The hood doesn’t need another LeBron James or Beyoncé,” I’d bellow, hoping to motivate students toward “real” academic pursuits. I’ve since changed my tune. Holding students accountable for getting a great education shouldn’t mean […]

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Black boys know too well what it feels like to be a problem — let’s channel that knowledge into innovation

Two recent reports regarding black student achievement set the proper framework for others who write about why institutions struggle to educate all students, particularly black boys and young men. University of Pennsylvania professor and researcher Shaun Harper updated his “Black Male Student Athletes and Racial Inequities in NCAA Division I College Sports” – the inaugural […]

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Solutions “For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood … and the Rest of Y’all”

The B-Boy stance refers specifically to the official pose of the breakdancer; broadly, it’s the position and perspective of urban youth. Either way, it isn’t a stance valued as a critical point of view in academe or teacher education programs. That may change on March 22, with the release of Christopher Emdin’s For White Folks […]