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Why do black teachers leave—and how do we fix that?

On Wednesday, The Hechinger Report hosted a Twitter chat about teacher diversity with experts and educators, including Jose Luis Vilson, Andre Perry, Hannah Putman, Christopher Emdin, and Ashley Griffin. In the wake of several reports highlighting high turnover rates among black educators, we wanted to dig into why this is happening and how teacher preparation […]

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My son’s only president: Obama let black children see their own possibilities

This past Halloween, my son Robeson met President Obama face to face at Trick or Treat at the White House. Ditching the mask of his Transformers costume, Roby approached Obama with waves and a wide gapped-tooth smile that exposed his glee inside. While handing presidential candy to Roby, President Obama asked, “Where’s your teeth?” Roby […]

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New Orleans’ uphill battle for more black and homegrown teachers

This story is part of a series looking at a shortage of black and Hispanic teachers and ideas for recruiting more to the profession. Other stories in the series look at schools that are recruiting from their own alumni to increase diversity and a traditional teacher education program focused on recruiting Hispanic teachers. This story also […]

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Black children deserve the stability that their neighborhood schools can offer, despite studies that may indicate otherwise

School closure is a tactic we don’t have to take. Under the new national education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act, states have been freed to employ strategies they deem fit just as long as they act on the bottom five percent. When we’re talking about improving urban districts, though, we always seem to land […]

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OPINION: Charter backers can stop the NAACP moratorium — by meeting these four demands

Since the NAACP at its national convention voted on a resolution that placed a moratorium on charter schools, the backlash from charter advocates has been angry, well-financed and sometimes just plain mean leading up to a vote of ratification by the national board, which occurred this past weekend. By singling out the NAACP with multiple […]

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Special “wraparound” services do a lot for black children – but they aren’t the solution to bad policy decisions

We’re not going to “non-profit” our way out of poverty, housing affordability and economic injustice. Historic discrimination and structural inequality have laid the groundwork for multiple life-sucking neighborhood factors that black children face every day: Neighborhood poverty, crime, unemployment, unaffordable housing, inaccessible health care and limited transportation make it difficult for children to learn. The […]

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“Educational Choice” is a slogan slick enough for Donald Trump

Donald Trump outlined his policy and philosophy for K-12 education in a speech at Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (CASSA), a for-profit charter school in the largest city of battleground state of Ohio. The Republican presidential nominee and founder of Trump University accused Democrats of trapping black and Hispanic youth in failing public schools […]

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Dance students are claiming turf in a gang-free zone in Chicago

It’s horribly commonplace to find teens moving about in shopping malls especially in the summer time. However, it’s completely unexpected to see black youth hinging, pirouetting and perfecting other dance moves in a retail store within a city branded as one of the most violent. But that’s exactly what’s happening in a converted professional dance […]