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Teach for America shows it’s learned a lesson about diversity: Now, what’s next?

Teach for America is browner than ever before. This week, the organization announced that 50 percent of its incoming corps of 5,300 identify as people of color. This compares to the less than 20 percent of all teachers nationwide. Whether friend or foe, all should be encouraged by the news that a mainstream organization is […]

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Louisiana, do your homework: Student absenteeism, not Ebola, is the real epidemic

As a preventative measure to protect against the spread of Ebola, the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education made new emergency changes to the state’s governing handbook. However, there is no emergency — just an Ebola scare, which the board simply contributed to by making changes to sound policy. There is currently no […]

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Being black is not a risk factor

I participated in the National Black Child Development Institute’s State of the Black Child report forum and release on Oct. 11. The report, “Being Black is Not a Risk Factor: Statistics and Strengths-Based Solutions from the State of Michigan,” responds to disquieting numbers in ways the title suggests. Black people aren’t broken; systems and policies […]

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Why education colleges need to move out of the ivory tower and into urban schools

It’s time to move teacher-training programs to where they belong – the schools. Teachers in training simply don’t spend enough time developing the relationships and skills required to become effective, persisting professionals. Accordingly, teacher-training programs must adjust to give aspiring teachers more time in the actual settings candidates aspire to work in. However, adjusting academic […]

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Ending higher ed’s tuition addiction to produce teachers we need

If colleges want to reverse the declining number of teachers of color, create more STEM teachers, and calibrate teacher supply with district demand, then teacher preparation programs need to become less dependent on individuals’ tuition. The current tuition-driven system is incentivizing teacher preparation programs to prioritize quantity over districts’ needs. The country needs more effective […]

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Free community college and supporting boys and men of color

The educational community has been abuzz with the unveiling of two highly touted presidential initiatives, one focused on boys and men of color and the other on community colleges. Last February, President Obama launched My Brother’s Keeper, which is designed to promote promising practices and programs serving males of color that have a demonstrated record […]

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Schools should excuse absences due to participation in civil disobedience

NEW ORLEANS – It’s finals week at my daughter’s university, but in spite of her school’s calendar, I expect her to join the acts of civil disobedience blooming across the country. All students, especially those in high school and college, currently face the appearing choice of testing the curriculum of injustice (AKA institutional oppression) or […]

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In the race to improve New Orleans schools, let’s not forget one special group

New Orleans’ renaissance won’t be determined by how many “smart” people emigrate into the city. Her resurgence will be determined by how smartly the space includes all its residents’ gifts. For five weeks in the summer, Carlos, my 18 year-old son, who has special needs, contributes to New Orleans’ recovery by building bat boxes – […]

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School kids to New Orleans bureaucrats: Show us the money

NEW ORLEANS – School buildings in the Crescent City will become monuments to our differences instead of the beacons of learning they are supposed to be if New Orleanians reject a preservation program for educational facilities in the voting booth on Dec. 6. It’s a funding conflict that mirrors power disputes around the country over […]

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Q&A with Dr. Denese Shervington: Giving parents alternatives to spanking

Reactions to Adrian Peterson being charged with child abuse by Texas authorities sparked a much-needed conversation on spanking, beating, paddling, whooping, smacking, hitting, slapping and “tearing-up.” More people are aware that their discipline methods may get them arrested. However, are people more aware of why these practices are harmful? More importantly, what alternatives can we […]