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COLUMN: When poorly veiled bigotry masquerades as choice

President Trump regularly sows racial division and fear, invoking age-old stereotypes through his words and policy. It was clear he was promising to protect suburban whites from an incursion of Black and Brown people when he wrote in his now infamous tweet about the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream” that suburbanites would “no longer be bothered or […]

Posted inElementary to High School

Don’t get rid of gifted and talented programs in the name of integration. Integrate them.

The Seattle School Board is taking steps to dismantle a gifted and talented program at one of its middle schools to make room for a more racially inclusive curriculum. Gifted and talented, or G&T, programs are directed at children whose outstanding abilities and potential for accomplishment will not otherwise be challenged and developed. But, too […]

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By suspending protesting students, what lessons are Syracuse University leaders teaching?

Last week, Syracuse University administrators suspended 30 students who were protesting the institution’s failure to curb bias incidents that have occurred over the past several months. The suspensions were handed down after students refused to leave a campus administrative building. Since November 7, 2019, the student-run newspaper The Daily Orange has documented at least 30 […]

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Black college presidents matter; we should lead from the top

On February 12, Darryll Pines, the longstanding dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, was appointed president of the entire university. Over the course of more than 20 years at College Park, Pines rose through the ranks as a professor and administrator, building a distinguished academic and administrative track […]