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Let’s invest in black kids who pursue STEM the way we do black kids on the football field

In a crowded hotel lobby in New Orleans the day after Thanksgiving, primary and secondary students and playful adults threw paper planes towards a target for a prize of $50. The game at the carnival-style booth was meant to teach attendees about the basic parts and functions of airplanes. The throngs, of course, were not […]

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OPINION: When Black parents benefit from school choice, it doesn’t perpetuate racism

The time has come for the very foundations of our country, good and bad, to face a reckoning; we’re dealing with long-standing racial disparities and injustices while trying to attain equity and equality, and the educational system is where it starts. In a recent column, Andre Perry said, “We must dismantle the structures that generate […]

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COLUMN: HBCUs are leading centers of education — why are they treated as second-class citizens?

It’s past time America paid its debt to Historically Black Colleges and Universities — HBCUs. It’s hard to place a dollar figure on the injuries caused by devaluing black lives and colleges, but it’s high time we tried. Last week at a rally near the Thurgood Marshall memorial in Maryland’s state capital of Annapolis, supporters […]

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Women’s History Month should have a place for teachers

Given that teachers are charged with imparting the contributions of women to their students throughout Women’s History Month, a special place should be reserved during March for the women teachers who go unrecognized. “You have teachers who give everything for children — sometimes spending more time than parents — but society doesn’t respect or pay […]

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COLUMN: Financial literacy courses won’t solve the racial wealth gap

On a recent segment of Fox News, self-proclaimed financial guru and right-wing commentator Dave Ramsey attacked President Joe Biden’s pandemic aid plan to send more direct payments to struggling families. Ramsey blamed Americans for their economic struggles amid a pandemic that has decimated the economy and left more than 20 million people unemployed, arguing that […]