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A private school resets its tuition

Many parents place their children in private schools for the sole purpose of exclusivity — a reason that can be both good and bad in a democratic country. Whether that reason is to pursue a religious education, escape the diversity of the public school system, to pursue a special curriculum or to learn within the […]

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Learning while you earn in college

Marissa Marshall, a junior at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., is quiet and soft-spoken on campus, but she works like a beast just a few miles from campus at the Brookings Institution. As a paid research intern, she conducts literature reviews and analyzes census data for me. Her work shouts of the kind of enthusiasm […]

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We are a nation of migrants, not a collection of diplomas

The degrees that immigrants (or anyone) have earned should not determine their value as humans. But all too often, alphabet soup on a resume is prized more than character traits like persistence, humility and sacrifice that help a country prosper. It’s as though, when summing up the worth of someone who wants to live in […]

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COLUMN: Black college grads end up with $25,000 more in loans than whites. Cancel that debt.

Soaring unemployment and underemployment, a result of the coronavirus pandemic, are forcing college borrowers to defer loan payments to make room for things like food and rent. Back in March, student loan borrowers received a reprieve with the passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, which included provisions that suspended loan payments. […]