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COLUMN: Defund the private schools

A national uprising for racial justice and a pandemic killing disproportionately more Black people have made the call to action clear: We must dismantle the structures that generate racial disparities. Education activists have joined that call by demanding that districts defund police in schools. School boards are listening. The Los Angeles Board of Education last […]

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To boost black students, we should give free college to students who don’t need it

A college education is supposed to accelerate economic mobility, not throttle it. The cost of admission into college requires many students to take out heavy loans that slow their entry into the middle class. Sure, a college degree typically pays off in the long run, but low-income students’ financial situations shouldn’t leave them questioning whether […]

Posted inElementary to High School

Will AI really transform education?

For all the talk about how artificial intelligence could transform what happens in the classroom, AI hasn’t yet lived up to the hype. AI involves creating computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. It’s already being experimented with to help automate grading, tailor lessons to students’ individual needs and assist English […]

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“Stay out of my hair!”

The federal government and the Department of Education need to start taking their responsibility for prohibiting discrimination seriously and crack down on schools that punish black people for their hair and hair styles. It’s past time the DOE issued guidance, telling schools to leave black students’ hair alone. This story also appeared in The Nation […]