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Districts in Debt

School districts are going into debt to keep up with technology

In Silicon Valley, cash-strapped schools are selling bonds to buy student laptops

Students move between floors at Whitmore Lake High School, a spacious facility that is under capacity as enrollment has steadily declined in recent years.

When school districts fall into debt and can’t get out

Students and communities often pay the price

When school districts can’t raise funds for facilities

In states where schools have to raise most of the money for buildings on their own, sharp inequities exist between districts with a strong tax base and those without

Short on financial knowledge, some school districts get bad deals on bonds

Districts can fall prey to financial firms that put their own interests first

How rising teacher pension costs hurt school districts

States try to rescue their pension systems from bankruptcy, leaving less money for classrooms and teacher pay

Are state takeovers fixing Mississippi’s failing districts?

Molly Berry, an algebra teacher at Strayhorn High School in Tate County, teaches parabolas to her class. Berry says that consistent leadership and high expectations have helped the…

Controversial school bonds create ‘debt for the next generation’

California Watch Herb Calderon stood on the campus of Hillcrest High School, staring at a wall that cost $10 million to build. The mile-long barrier was constructed…

STUDENT VOICE: How I learned to count college value over perceived status

A first-gen college student reflects on her personal growth, from Ivy League aspirations to community college appreciation