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Can the mighty US military save embattled PARCC?

Bucking the trend of states dropping PARCC, Department of Defense schools adopt the multi-state Common Core tests

The measured achievement gap between the students in this Revere High School English as a Second Language class and their English-speaking peers is likely to balloon with the introduction of the PARCC exam. From left, clockwise, are Mateo López and Nataly Gómez, both from Colombia; Amanda Moreira, from Brazil; and Maria Hernández, from Honduras.

Working in a group might be the best way to help kids meet individual goals, study says

Researchers also say that they found collaboration led to higher grades for black students

Small-group math work at Prairie Oak Elementary in Berwyn North School District 98 where, two years ago, just 14 percent of third-graders were able to do grade-level math.

How to boost math skills in the early grades

Early math skills, though critical to academic success, get far less attention than literacy in high-poverty classrooms. One Illinois school district is working to change that.

A school bus drops off a student in front of the Claiborne Bridge in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Tolerating failing schools in New Orleans — so long as they’re for black kids

The post-Katrina education reform shook up the school system; it’s time to do it again

Better tests don’t lead to better teaching, study finds

Test-prep lessons were lower quality even when tests were higher quality

In Mississippi, urban district superintendent under fire after poor rating

Dr. Cedrick Gray, superintendent of Jackson Public Schools.n y Photo: Imani Khayyam JACKSON — When Cedrick Gray took the reins as superintendent of Jackson Public Schools…

Can Common Core reading tests ever be fair?

The dilemma of new reading standards meant to push kids to their limits

Presentations and portfolios take the place of tests for some students

High schools may use an alternate graduation path for students who stumble on the ‘normal’ route