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COLUMN: Employers, don’t blame the ‘skills gap’ on workers, blame yourselves

For the past 200 years, Philadelphia workers have built ships for both commercial and military use. Philly is the birthplace of the U.S. Navy and produced the nation’s first military ships after President George Washington signed the Naval Act into law in 1794. Today, a robust apprenticeship program supported by public spending is providing Philly’s […]

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COLUMN: The American Rescue Plan will halve child poverty, but we haven’t won the second War on Poverty yet

President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is one of the boldest legislative packages since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s. Within the first 100 days of Biden’s new administration, he has overseen passage of a law that will make a huge and immediate impact on families living in poverty across the country. Beyond […]

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COLUMN: Rewrite the history textbooks, or the white supremacist violence will continue

Authors of history textbooks writing about the failed insurrection of Jan. 6, 2021 must not ignore the event’s white supremacist underpinnings. The influence of white supremacy on American history has largely been disregarded by past and present writers, especially in accounts of the Civil War. Too many of these books still waffle about the reasons […]

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COLUMN: Trump’s disastrous immigration policies will continue to destroy lives

Even in its final days, the Trump administration’s immigration policies continue to destroy individual lives, communities and schools. Reflecting the corruption and immorality of a man who was recorded pressuring Georgia officials to “find votes” to overturn the 2020 presidential election, immigration officials are trying to deport a devoted Louisiana educator who actually loves our […]

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Teachers, cafeteria workers and school bus drivers should be next in line for the Covid vaccine

When Sandra Lindsay, director of critical care nursing at a Long Island hospital, received the first vaccine for Covid-19 approved by the FDA for emergency use, the shot to her arm on Dec. 14 not only boosted her immunity for the virus, it lifted our collective hopes that this tragic period in world history would […]

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COLUMN: The next education secretary must know about much more than education

In the days after President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, you didn’t have to be inside the beltway to hear whispers of names being floated for cabinet positions — rumors that were later confirmed as fact: Janet Yellen, former chair of the Federal Reserve Board (Department of the Treasury); Vivek Murthy, former Surgeon General under President Barak […]