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Teacher-training schools under pressure to prepare for Common Core

It’s not just K-12 teachers who are being asked to adjust their teaching styles and curricula to ensure students learn the Common Core standards. The people who teach the teachers are also under the gun. This story also appeared in The Times Picayune But as the controversial standards take root, there’s disagreement over whether teacher-training […]

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A new round of segregation plays out in charter schools

In keeping with national demographic shifts, the Twin City suburbs have been growing more diverse in recent years, with an increasing African-American and Hispanic population. But that diversity is not always reflected in the area schools. This story also appeared in MinnPost At Seven Hills Classical Academy, a charter school in Bloomington, Minn., for instance, […]

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Out of the mouths of babes and trumpeters: Documentary triumphs in its child-centered perspective

NEW ORLEANS – Many of my favorite moments in ‘The Whole Gritty City,’ a new documentary about the power of school marching bands in New Orleans, feature everyday glimpses of the city’s kids just being, well, kids: There’s the look of embarrassment and pride on an 11-year-old trumpeter’s face when his family calls out to […]

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Do ‘zero tolerance’ school discipline policies go too far?

NEW ORLEANS — The teenage girls knew they were being loud when they belted out Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and the gospel favorite “We Lift Our Hands” during lunch at New Orleans’ Sojourner Truth Academy charter school. But they never expected school officials would slap them with out-of-school suspensions just for singing in […]