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Black children deserve the stability that their neighborhood schools can offer, despite studies that may indicate otherwise

Lockers are wired shut in the mostly abandoned Drew High School building in Mississippi, which was closed in 2010. Photo: Natalie Griffin/News21 School closure is a…

“Educational Choice” is a slogan slick enough for Donald Trump

Rhetoric can’t hide a failure to address inequality

Democratic political infighting over education pulls the rug out from under black families

The real bait and switch: Reformers’ selling school choice as justice

With the nation in turmoil, Ed Secretary King’s quest to diversify schools is the right pursuit

Here is something worse than the current racial tensions in New Orleans and other cities: The outcomes caused by racial biases in our policing, schooling practices and stark economic inequality…

Let students lead the way in protests over police killings

Lessons from LSU in the face of conflict

Unlike gated communities that front as niche schools, this New Orleans art high school is a true magnet

In the national pursuit to create better high schools, we seldom turn to art schools for inspiration. But innovation can be found in our conservatories. That’s what I found when…

Immigration can redeem education reformers’ progressive credentials

Immigration policy is to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton what health care was to President Obama. Democratic education reformers should act accordingly and prepare to lose some “friends” in…

A haircut won’t end gun access, poverty or under-resourced schools. But let’s admit it comforts a desperate parent

Dennis’ Barber Shop in New Orleans. Photo: Tabitha Bethune “I see my child about to die every day.” That’s what one despondent mother told me when…

Is there another Muhammad Ali in Louisville, Dallas, New Orleans or Chicago?

Taking the “grow your own” ethic seriously, at Paul Quinn College’s African American Leadership Institute