Lessons From Abroad

Immigrant children in Europe seem to learn best when assimilated in schools, data show

Language immersion in a new host-country language leads to better outcomes, OECD says

The view from here: The battle to sustain school attendance in Guatemala

Jorge Castillo, head of secondary at the School of Hope, tells how he struggles daily to get – and keep – students in school

Education myth: American students are over-tested

Among OECD nations, the U.S. administers fewer standardized tests and even fewer other assessments

Schools exacerbate the growing achievement gap between rich and poor, a 33-country study finds

Rich kids get steered into more demanding math classes while poor kids get less challenging content

Standardized tests a foreign concept in Finland

As the United States focuses more on using tests as a means of holding educators and school districts accountable, Finland—which is one of the top performers on international tests—has gone…

Q&A with Maria Teresa Tatto: Teacher training programs around the world

How is math teacher training in Norway different from that in Singapore? What about Botswana or Chile? A group of international researchers headed up by a team at Michigan State…

A look inside China’s schools for minorities

Chinese minority students spent time last summer at this school in Southern China’s Yunnan province learning their native language. (Photo by Sarah Butrymowicz) Photo: Sarah Butrymowicz …


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What do the Greek austerity measures mean for education?

Greece will receive a second bailout from the European Union—to the tune of €130 billion ($173 billion)—as part of a deal reached by Eurozone finance ministers on February 21st. Last…

Online learning growing around the world, but stumbling blocks remain

A report released on November 10th by iNacol, or The International Association for K-12 Online Learning, provides details on how countries across the world are increasing their experimentation with…

Teacher and student protests around the world

Back-to-school season has been marked by student protests and teacher strikes around the world, making the debate over education reform in the United States look mild by comparison.…