Lowell students say...

I'm more worried about my life than I am about my education. I don't know how to do taxes or balance a checkbook or anything I actually need but at least I can find the area of a triangle.
A Lowell High junior aspiring to be a medical scientist
My biggest challenge is money. I lost my house, my internet and computers, so it's hard for me to do work or sign up for things.
A senior who hopes to become an accountant
I wish they had a real-life skills class or classes for certain jobs in case you didn’t want to go to college.
A junior with plans to become a firefighter
I don't know if my English will be good enough to go to college, but I will try hard as I always do.
Senior, aspiring physical therapist
I want to explore because life should be explored. High school was never for me. Honestly it isn't for everybody.
Senior who plans on taking time off after high school
I hope to attend college before going to law school. I want to get involved in local and state politics and law. The main issue is paying for the schooling to do this.
A senior who is also interested in corporate law
I wish I had more college meetings to prepare myself. I don't feel independent yet and I'm scared for the future.
Senior, aspiring accountant
I plan on going to a 4-year, maybe 5-year, college in hopes of becoming a nurse. The biggest challenge for me is trying to find my way in college academically.
Junior whose parents work in construction and as an accountant
I want to go to UMass-Lowell, transfer to a college that helps me further my career and succeed in the field. My biggest challenge is money. I don't want my parents paying for school.
A junior hoping to become a gynecologist
I see myself as the biggest challenge. I don't want my anxiety to hold me back.
Junior, aspiring epidemiologist