Election 2016

Donald Trump says one university spent $150 million a year complying with government red tape

Reporting by The Hechinger Report revealed that this is, at best, a huge exaggeration

What if #FreeCollege actually hurts the very students it is supposed to help?

Trump and Clinton are likely to look at this question. So does a new study

The state of American preschool, in six parts

Why we need to do more for our littlest learners

“Educational Choice” is a slogan slick enough for Donald Trump

Rhetoric can’t hide a failure to address inequality

Hillary Clinton’s preschool revolution?

Will Clinton’s longtime interest in early childhood help or hurt in the effort to catch up with the rest of the world?

Hillary Clinton answers 10 questions on early education

From infant care to preschool, Clinton—through her campaign—offered The Hechinger Report an exclusive take on her early education policies

Teachers union leader says next president must completely reset education policy and oust current education secretary

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), addresses delegates on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center on July 25,…


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Democrats speak up about tots and college students, but say less on K-12 issues

Speakers steer clear of divisive issues like charters and Common Core

Who’s fighting for college for the forgotten majority?

A better job via a better degree matters to us, too, say adults

Democratic political infighting over education pulls the rug out from under black families

The real bait and switch: Reformers’ selling school choice as justice