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What can be done about failing U.S. high schools? A look back and ahead

Ninth grade students at High Tech High School organize nuts and bolts the day after their end-of-the-year showcase in which they flew their school-made drones for parents and visitors.

There’s a big push on right now to improve U.S. high schools, with everyone from politicians to educators and foundations and corporations weighing in.

It’s a topic we care a great deal about here at The Hechinger Report as well, and we’ve been traveling across the U.S. in search of fresh thinking and approaches that might work, as well as visiting high schools to see some of the new plans and ideas in progress.

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We welcome op-ed’s and suggestions about schools to visit, and voices from the classroom and beyond.

Hechinger Report editor Liz Willen recently appeared on the podcast  “How do we fix it,’’ to discuss some of our findings. You can listen here: