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    Hechinger exeecutive editor Sarah Garland (left) and editor/director Liz Willen. (Photo by Jackie Mader)

    Hechinger executive editor Sarah Garland (left) and editor/director Liz Willen. (Photo by Jackie Mader)

    The Hechinger Report is a nonprofit news organization focused on producing in-depth education journalism.

    Fewer and fewer reporters at the nation’s largest newspapers and wire services are covering national education issues full time. As a result, critical issues do not get the attention they deserve.

    The Report fills that gap. Working with in-house and freelance reporters, The Report covers education issues, including investigative reporting and detailed analysis. From time to time we’ll also feature opinion from some of the leading thinkers in education.

    You’ll find many of these stories in the pages of the nation’s biggest newspapers and websites. You’ll also be able to read all of them at this site.

    The Hechinger Report is an independently funded unit of Teachers College, Columbia University.

    Content published in The Hechinger Report — or content produced and disseminated by any of its collaborators with funding from the Hechinger Institute — does not necessarily reflect the views of Teachers College, its trustees, administration or faculty.