child care in crisis

Our fragile child care ‘system’ may be about to shatter

Dominated by small businesses, the country’s child care “system” has long been at a breaking point. Child care is expensive to operate and to provide, yet families are largely left to pay for it themselves while providers eke out a living on meager profits.

The coronavirus is upending our education system, with schools and campuses closing, classes going remote and students missing out on milestones like graduation. We’ll bring you stories of how the virus is exposing educational divides, disrupting the way students learn, and forcing education institutions to adapt to a new reality.   


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The reading wars are back, reignited by recent stories arguing that too many schools are ignoring the science of reading and failing to teach phonics. What does the research say? We find out…

VOICES: Students, teachers, principals and experts weigh in

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