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“Stuck in it until I die”: Parents get buried by college debt too

Jay Rife was sitting in his pickup truck on the outskirts of Las Vegas when he answered a phone call that would permanently alter his life. A man from the federal government was on the line and told him that the loan he had taken out so his son and daughter could go to college had come due. The monthly payment was $1,200. “I thought I was going to pass out,” said Rife, who was making $13 an hour as a maintenance worker.

Good Jobs — A map to the middle class

As the United States tries to pull itself out of the recession, what are the good jobs that will be left? And what are the jobs of the future that will be created as Americans adapt to a socially distanced lifestyle?

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Gifted Education’s Race Problem

The children in America’s gifted education programs don’t look like the overall school population. They’re disproportionately white and wealthy, while Black, Latinx, Indigenous and low-income students are often left out. In this series, The Hechinger Report examines racial inequity in gifted classes and what schools are doing to fix it.

VOICES: Students, teachers, principals and experts weigh in

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