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Content produced by The Hechinger Report is editorially independent of any outside influence. Our editorial decisions are ours alone.

We aim to inform and engage audiences, spur action and improve U.S. education with our thorough, authoritative and objective journalism. The Hechinger Report’s readers and news partners value what we do and recognize that we maintain editorial independence from the donors and foundations that support us, as well as from Teachers College, its trustees, administration and faculty.

Diverse funding from both individuals and organizations with a range of views on the issues we cover ensures our editorial independence.

Toward that end:

  • We identify all donors and sponsors who give more than $1,000 in a year.
  • We reserve the right to refuse and return any donation for any reason.
  • We apply for and accept grants from foundations to support coverage of particular topics, but with a clear understanding that we will maintain complete editorial independence.
  • We accept funds for sponsorship of our email newsletters that are not an endorsement of a sponsor’s services or products. We reserve the right to reject any potential sponsorship for any reason.
  • Our site is part of the Google AdSense network, and readers may see ads on our pages. These advertisers are unknown to us before ads appear on the page and we do not endorse the products, services or ideas. We reserve the right to reject any individual or class of advertiser for any reason.

Acknowledgement: The Hechinger Report developed this fundraising and donor policy guided by membership standards of the Institute for Nonprofit News and using material from the Alabama Initiative for Independent Journalism, Chalkbeat, The Food & Environment Reporting Network and Mississippi Today.