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At a time of growing public skepticism of higher education and its value, it makes sense to take a look at what’s happening in England to make college “cheaper, faster, simpler and less intimidating for students,” in the words of The Hechinger Report’s Jon Marcus.  

While reporting there, Marcus also examined the role of instructors known as “pracademics” – established professionals in their fields who help students learn valuable skills. In the U.S., instructors like these “have been relegated to second-class status behind their full-time academic counterparts,” he writes.   

We’d love to hear what you think about these trends, and also hope you’ll take a look at some potential solutions to punitive school discipline, a topic we’ve spent years tackling. Also, when school opens later this summer and fall, artificial intelligence will be on the minds of students and teachers, and we’ll continue following this subject as well.  

Finally, our continuing coverage of community colleges includes a surprising look at just how many high schoolers attend the institutions to simultaneously earn college credit. As always, we appreciate hearing from our readers, and urge you to remind others to sign up for our newsletters and become a member. 

Liz Willen, Editor

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Main Idea

One college finds a way to get students to degrees more quickly, simply and cheaply 
Its assembly-line approach makes life easier for students universities are trying to recruit 

Reading List

What’s in a word? A way to help impatient college students better connect to jobs 
‘Pracademics’ who work in the fields that they teach are slowly winning new respect 

Preventing suspensions: Tackle discipline problems with empathy first 
Better managing student behavior through supportive relationships and engaging lessons can prevent the need for punishment 

PROOF POINTS: High schoolers account for nearly 1 out of every 5 community college students 
Dual enrollment far exceeds the popularity of Advanced Placement courses 

‘We’re going to have to be a little more nimble’: How school districts are responding to AI 
School districts are training teachers on generative AI and encouraging them to experiment with the tools for lesson planning and remedial help 

OPINION: Chief equity officers wear many hats and are needed in school systems now more than ever 
Some toil in isolation, without the support or encouragement they need to do a difficult job 

OPINION: How San Francisco public schools got math instruction wrong 
Reality check: Putting all students on the same algebra pathway did not work as advertised 

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