Race and Equity

Over 50 years since the Civil Rights Era, there is perhaps no issue in American education more intractable or more painful than the persistent gaps in educational outcomes between black and brown students and their white peers. Racial disparities endure at every level of the system and are only compounded for boys. We will explore the root causes and look for solutions using research, data and on-the-ground reporting.

how to homeschool

Ready or not, a new era of homeschooling has begun

As coronavirus concerns shutter school around the world, will poor students be left behind?

impact of coronavirus on higher education

Tears, confusion and financial woes as colleges abruptly end semesters and send students home

Higher education is unprepared for changes that are coming with the coronavirus outbreak, and poor students will be hurt the most

Tennessee State University

At some HBCUs, enrollment rises from surprising applicants

After decades of declining enrollment, HBCUs are seeing an uptick in new applicants, especially among Latino and international students.

highly capable program

Don’t get rid of gifted and talented programs in the name of integration. Integrate them.

Seattle Public Schools is one of several districts looking to dismantle gifted and talented programs as a way to end racial segregation within schools, but will the solution hurt more kids than it helps?

bias incidents

By suspending protesting students, what lessons are Syracuse University leaders teaching?

Campus leaders must address a rise in bias incidents on campus and off

OPINION: There’s a black student loan-debt crisis and it needs an urgent solution. How about reparations?

Resolving the debt inequality between white and black students


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male educators of color

A weekly meetup aims to keep black male teachers in the classroom

Black male teachers account for only 6 percent of Mississippi’s teacher workforce. Experts believe better support can help them stay in the classroom.

university president

Black college presidents matter; we should lead from the top

Appointing a black college president can spark racial inclusion