Race and Equity

Over 50 years since the Civil Rights Era, there is perhaps no issue in American education more intractable or more painful than the persistent gaps in educational outcomes between black and brown students and their white peers. Racial disparities endure at every level of the system and are only compounded for boys. We will explore the root causes and look for solutions using research, data and on-the-ground reporting.

Michael Bloomberg unveils ‘progressive’ higher education plan

Free college and a call for eliminating legacy admissions stand apart from his K-12 legacy

Test the water and HVAC systems just as much as the students

If we care about equity in education, we need to pay attention to school infrastructure

racist dress codes

Dress codes are the new ‘whites only’ signs

How else to interpret the policing and controlling of black bodies?

After ‘Varsity Blues’ scandal, lots of talk about overhauling college admissions. Will there be action?

Gathering at USC dreams big, but many poor students will still be left behind


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In this Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 photo, Xavier University student Triton Brown studies in a common area on campus before going to one of his part time jobs in New Orleans. Thousands of students unexpectedly either had to stay at home, transfer to a less expensive school or find new money when the U.S. Department of Education quietly changed how it evaluated the credit of parents applying for a federal PLUS loan. Brown, a Milwaukee native who is a freshman at Xavier University of Louisiana, said his family was counting on a PLUS loan, but his mother's application was rejected after he had been accepted the previous semester.

Longer road to the B.A. for many black students

New study shows black students, on average, spend a year longer in college than whites

Advocates for school choice

Reformers must stop whitewashing ‘choice’

Freedom to choose in privatized school system is illusion where it fails to address inequality born of slavery and ultimate lack of ‘choice’

black fraternities

Rapper Boosie Badazz can be a bridge to getting black men into college

By wearing fraternity letters, hit rapper sends message that college is not just for elites