Rural Education

Rural disaffection has helped to drive the nation’s politics. Yet little attention has been paid to the role of education in this. We examine rural K-12 and higher education through the stories of rural schools and students.

Helping rural students thrive

Mississippi had an impressive showing on the Nation’s Report Card this year. But a new report says that drastic change is needed to help the state’s rural students succeed

Juab school district

In Utah, personalizing learning by focusing on relationships

This district says personalized learning boosted its graduation rate from 78 to 97 percent

OPINION: Many rural schools have been ‘minimally adequate’ for too long

Why other states should monitor South Carolina's school-funding debate

This Mississippi district says these four strategies are helping their struggling readers

Heightened focus on literacy instruction, teacher training is having an impact

When math lessons at a goat farm beat sitting behind a desk

Vermont hopes new work-based learning opportunities will engage students and stem youth exodus

OPINION: Is this the way to transform struggling rural schools?

When students understand what and why they are learning

Oil references are everywhere at Williston State College, at the heart of North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield.

For rural colleges, good vocational teachers are hard to find

A national shortage hits remote colleges often responsible for keeping their towns afloat


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Even if they want to go to college, millions of adults live in higher education “deserts”

At least 25 miles from the nearest campus, they also don’t have internet speeds to study online

Online work has become a classroom staple for students around the country, but hundreds of thousands are still locked out because of inadequate internet connections.

Federal penny pinchers keeping rural schools from the internet

Federal E-rate money could bring these high-speed connections to rural schools, but funding is elusive

Student Jaylen Dennis sets up an experiment to test one of Newton’s Laws.

Can online learning level the AP playing field for rural kids?

Some schools are wading deeper into more immersive online education, but experts urge caution