Colleges send out realms of encouraging mail to potential applicants every year in stepped-up-recruiting campaigns.

Gaming the numbers? Conflicting college admissions messages confound parents and kids

NEW YORK — A friend snapped photos of the colorful college brochures cramming his high school son’s mailbox and posted the pile on Facebook with a message that all but…

Congress should rewrite No Child Left Behind to help schools improve, not punish them on Friday

Robert Rothman After thirteen years, Congress appears poised to write a new law to replace the No Child Left Behind Act, the 2002 reauthorization of the Elementary…

Has the first state to adopt Common Core developed tools that make the controversial standards work?

Three years ago, teachers at Woodland Middle School in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, began using a newly developed tool to structure lessons. Kentucky had been the first state to adopt the…

How a North Carolina district channeled technology for big results on a tiny budget

Can students pick up foreign language skills without teachers?

Did Mississippi’s poorest students just lose their chance for a quality education?

"This is a return to the days when schools were only funded for the affluent; poor and minority schools were neglected"

Former N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue with students at Hoke County Schools.

Common Core: States need high standards – by any name – for kids to succeed

How second graders are doing the math and why the rest of us can “get it” too

Gov. Cuomo’s wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment for New York schools

Many of us have spent more time in hospital emergency rooms than we’d like. The one nearest to where I live serves part of Harlem, and I’ve seen people arrive…


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Free college for all: Why I’m skeptical

Some questions about timing, teaching and funding

True Grit: How fixing just one problem in our Minnesota school made all the difference

The best way to go on our achievement gap-related goals is to start small and locally. It’s something worth noting here in Minnesota, a state that features both some…

Patricia McGuire is the president of Trinity Washington University.

A university president defends Catholic colleges after Hechinger story on high costs

Do Catholic colleges and universities live up to the Gospel imperative for social justice? In the Fall 2012 semester, 77 percent of 191 Catholic colleges and universities enrolled freshman classes…